Entrada 1

Alright, I’m ready. Yeah, sure, okay. I had a horrible nightmare, dreamed I went back in time, it was terrible. You know, Doc, you left your equipment on all week. Just say anything, George, say what ever’s natural, the first thing that comes to your mind.

Right. Of course, the Enchantment Under The Sea Dance they’re supposed to go to this, that’s where they kiss for the first time. Listen, I gotta go but I wanted to tell you that it’s been educational. Huh? Um, yeah, I’m on my way.

Um, yeah, I’m on my way. Huh? Yeah. Alright, okay listen, keep your pants on, she’s over in the cafe. God, how do you do this? What made you change your mind, George? Hey c’mon, I had to change, you think I’m going back in that zoot suit? The old man really came through it worked.

That’s him. You have this thing hooked up to the car? Jennifer, oh are you a sight for sore eyes. Let me look at you. I don’t know, Doc, I guess she felt sorry for him cause her did hit him with the car, hit me with the car. Whoa, whoa, kid, kid, stop, stop, stop, stop.

Alright, I’m ready. Uh, plutonium, wait a minute, are you telling me that this sucker’s nuclear? Look me up when you get there, guess I’ll be about 47. Nah, I just don’t think I’m cut out for music. Whoa, whoa, okay.

Doc, you gotta help me. you were the only one who knows how your time machine works. Where? Um, well it’s a delorean, right? C’mon, open up, let me out of here, Yo. Can’t be. This is nuts. Aw, c’mon.

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